Hardened local debris
Installation exhibtion fugacity, Linnahall Tallinn Estonia


The exhibition “fugacity” reflects on the uncertain future of a monumental Soviet concrete structure - Linnahall - as an analogy of a common undefined future of our impermanent present and offers the concept of fugacity as a tool to accept changes and transformations. Fugacity is the quality of impermanence. In thermodynamics, the term stands for a substance’s tendency to
escape from one environment to another. Fleeting, escaping to find its balance. The project lateshifters is a site-specific installation made of collected debris from the architectural monument. Bound together, this decomposed material is transformed in new shapes that settle and grow on the Linnahall’s abandoned wardrobe. The formations perform as a prediction of an uncertain future but embody the undoubtful material shifts that will happen over vast, post-human temporalities.