Here, a nut falls twice

Performance with Screens, Ceramics, Tent, Foam, Synthesizer and Voice
in sculptural environment by Yen Chun Lin and Floor covering by Cee Fullemann
all Fotos by Anne Tetzlaff


Artist-led research project Here, a nut falls twice presents a newly commissioned sculptural sound installation, performance and overnight event in the ICA Theatre.

Through light, darkness, music and sound, Here explores the idea of falling as it relates to sleep, love and physics. The project invites audiences to partake in collective listening – tuning into the ‘frequencies’ of falling and being held by its transient potential. Through the communality of this auditory and spacial experience, participants can empathically co-create a new, shared ‘here’.

Here was activated by an opening sound performance by Yen Chun Lin and Lou Drago on Sunday 27 November. From 10pm on Saturday 3 December until 6am on Sunday 4 December, audiences are invited to spend the night in the installation. Over eight hours, the event included sound works featuring inaudible frequencies, sleep-inducing rhythms, dream echoes, lullabies of nightmares, shimmers of darkness, nocturnal wanders, and bedtime tales.

Here is initiated by Yen Chun Lin. The event programme features Yen Chun Lin, Marijn Degenaar, Lou Drago, Cee Füllemann, Tzu Ni Hung, Lithic Alliance, oxi peng, Felix Riemann ​a.k.a leslie, Berglind Thrastardottir and Matilda Tjäder, with lighting by Charlie Hope.