Death and Stone

Shangri-La granite, membranes, cables
600 x 250 x 1000 cm each


Do rocks die? Are rocks dead?
Do we become rocks once we die? And who dies for the minerals we use?
The work Death and Stone deals with the transience and mortality in relation to the mineral world and how the cycles of life are spinning within the shifts of geological deep time.
Death and Stone consist of two loudspeakers made from Shangri-La granite which are facing each other and correspond throughout the exhibition space. Formally reminiscent of gravestones, they form two points on a timeline which are activated temporally by the performance Superimpose for which the text sequences and additional singing was overlayered live to accentuate an overlapping moment in time.
The large temporal intervals between the sonic vibrations carried between the speakers and the sound and text fragments that span over a long playtime make it for most visitors possible to witness only one moment of the whole. Metaphorically, the lifetime of humans and minerals is thus placed in relation to one another. But questions about the existential overlap, about geopolitical connections between death and the procurement of resources as well as the fact that we ourselves will one day dissolve into mineral substances, pulls the work far into possible past and futures of deep time and the complexity of geontological relations.

Haus Konstruktiv Zürich
Werkschau Kanton Zürich 2023